The Beatles conquered America while The Rolling Stones played “It’s all over now” when it has only just begun. The Kinks did “You really got me” and basically all modern popular music was written by then.

Breschnew became President of the USSR, the Vietnam war was about to begin and Jean-Paul Sartre was awarded the Nobel Price in Literature but refused it. Cassius Clay won the World Championship. Not a bad year to be born into a world full of change, as if that was different from any other time in history.

Being raised in Germany in an ultranormal family with Mom, Dad, sister and brother, being the “sandwich-child”, life was calling my name. I refused kindergarten as an early tribute to Jean-Paul though I never mentioned it to him. If I had had the nerve I would have jumped out of school (like Captain Beefheart who wanted to be a “different fish altogether”). But I didn’t , I still feel the heavy burden of this wrong decision.

However, in 1978 we started our first own band “Ham”, which was somehow related to my other passion, food. It felt as if we were born 10 years too late, we missed Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Woodstock, Cream etc.. Anyway, we couldn’t help but listen to that stuff and see a whole new industry with guitar heros, Heavy Rock, Hairbands before Disco killed popular music.

That is why we rebranded ourselves to “The Commercials”, a kinda visionary name then. The band and the music were real, the world was fake. Today it seems that music is also fake. Wait. It may be if it is massproduced and marketed like chocolate bars by people who are not in the least interested in music.

And then there are millions of people in their rooms, in the streets or at some campfire, in the small clubs who really, really mean it because they are enjoying it. The only way to make other people enjoy one’s music. This is what I am trying to do. Never had a proper musical education which allows me to be limited in my means and unlimited in my vision. It mostly comes down to simple songs, written, performed with a guitar and sung the best that I can.

My quest is to find the universal song which reveals itself to anyone who hears it at first listening. I have no idea whether it will be instrumental, which language, which harmonies or melodies it needs, which rhythm it has or whether it needs anything of the above. It will never be boring and will work on any human being, cats, dogs and all other animals alike.

Maybe there isn’t such a song. The only way of finding out is playing it to you. See you.

  1. At The Speed Of Love eGGsplore 3:48
  2. Your Song eGGsplore 4:08